Biological Dentistry

“Thinking outside the mouth”
Your overall health is of the utmost importance to us. Treating you holistically is our approach to dentistry, and this means looking at the body as a whole. Often symptoms somewhere else in the body can be linked to a problem…

Non Surgical TMJ

Some dysfunctions are induced by trauma, others are iatrogenic: caused by dental restorations that do not adequately support the way a person bites. We have successful non-surgical treatments for this serious problem.

My Dentist, a holistic approach to dentistry.

Mesa Dentist, Expert Care

My Dentist is a team of dedicated dental professionals headed by internationally acclaimed speaker on Holistic Dentistry, Dr. Michael Margolis and Dr. Stephen Kovar. Our office stresses the use of non-toxic restorative materials for dental work. We focus on the impact dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on overall health. We treat the teeth, jaws and related structures, with specific regard to the effect of treatment on the entire body.

Please browse around and find information on the services we provide and important background information on various aspects of Holistic Dentistry. We welcome you to our practice.

What is Biological Dentistry?

A Natural Approach

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with Dr. Michael D. Margolis

Fotona Lightwalker Laser

The Fotona Laser is a comprehensive piece of dental technology that is transforming the way we perform basic and complex dental procedures at our office. The result is an all-inclusive laser device capable of delivering greater patient comfort, faster healing and better overall accuracy than traditional laser treatments.

Most patients are candidates for laser dental treatment. We use the LightWalker for a variety of treatment services, including those pertaining to operative dentistry (many filling can be done without anesthesia), periodontics, surgical procedures, and cosmetics. Whether you are preparing to receive new crowns or simply looking for a whiter smile, laser dental treatment may be right for you. 

The Vivos System

The Vivos® System involves a thorough and complete diagnosis of your condition by board certified physician. Once your physician has diagnosed sleep apnea, a specially-trained dentist will design a custom Vivos® biomimetic medical device.

You will wear your Vivos® device, as directed by your doctor, between 12 and 24 months, primarily in the evening and at night while you sleep. Most patients feel the effects of treatment within the first few days or weeks. During treatment, periodic adjustments to your appliance are made by your treating dentist, who often works in close collaboration with a medical sleep specialist.

Upon completion of treatment, many patients do not require further intervention.

Mercury Filling Replacement