Elimination of Symptoms by Removal of Dental Amalgam from Mercury Poisoned Patients, as Compared with a Control Group of Average Patients

This findings presented here suggest a correlation between many health complaints and mercury amalgam fillings. Removal of amalgam fillings result in significant improvement of these symptoms. These same symptoms which are improved or eliminated in amalgam-removal patients are present but undiagnosed in general population. Summary. Replacement of amalgam and sometimes removal of gold crowns, bridges and metallic porcelain crowns and replacement with one of the patient`s biocompatible plast materials has significant positive effect on symptoms and complaints of most patients. On average, 88% of the symptoms specified in this investigation either disappear or improve as indicated by responses taken at least one year after amalgam removal. All 120 patients continue to come for check-ups in the clinic and will continue to fill out questionnaires every few years. This research shows that 9 out of 10 health problems improved or disappeared completely after one year. http://www.lichtenberg.dk/experience_after_amalgam_removal.htm

Lichtenberg HJ. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. 1993; 8: pp.145-148.

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