COVID-19 Update

From the time you arrive at the offices of MY DENTIST at 2045 S. Vineyard Rd. Suite #153, in Mesa, AZ, you will notice we have adapted our office to meet our patient’s needs.

Upon arriving, we invite you to park under our covered parking spots in front of the office. Summers in Mesa, THE TEMPERATURES can rise over 110*F in the shade. My staff and I have surrendered our covered parking spots for your health, protection and convenience.

With the CDC guidelines, our large reception area has limited seating capacity. If you have any special needs, we will make every effort to meet them. Just inform our receptionists what you need.

Please be on time or a little early for your appointment. We have reduced the number of patients in our office to allow adequate social distancing and appropriate time to keep our operator’s clinically clean and ready for your use.

We asked you limit the number of guests accompanying you for your visit. Of course, if you have small children, we will try to accommodate your needs. To prevent any cross contamination, will keep to the reception area free of magazines, books, water etc.

Upon arriving, please sign-in at the receptionist’s desk and leave your cell-phone number with us. We will contact you via your cellphone, tablet or call your name when your operator is ready.

We will administer a short COVID-19 Questionnaire and take your temporal temperature. The Temporal Thermometers are cleaned after each use. We do realize, some patients may have a slightly higher temperature due to the heat. We will let you relax in the cool of the office and retake your temperature, as needed. If fever is detected, we may kindly ask you to reschedule your dental appointment.

According to the CDC guidelines and the Arizona State Dental Board, it is mandatory for all patients entering the back office for treatment or accompanying their children for care, must wear a mask, please, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is not our requirement but has been mandated by CDC and State Agencies that regulate management of our patients.

You may wear your own mask, Mrs. Margolis personally made our office masks, which are collected after each use and laundered before being re-used. If that bothers you, we also have individual disposable masks available for your personal use.

Once you enter the clinical area of our office, you may not notice much difference. As always, each operatory will be thoroughly cleaned and protective coverings established to help prevent potential patient cross-contamination’s.

Every patient will be asked to gargle with a mouthwash before any procedures are initiated. My Dentist has been practicing Biological, Holistic, Alternative, Dentistry since 1994. We have expanded our Mercury “Protect Protocol” steps to all phases of dentistry within our practice. You may hear a humming sound since we are utilizing ionizer’s vacuums and other air appear fibers more often.

Before COVID-19, as a Biological dentist, we used p100 masks that prevent inhalation of mercury vapors (the same seen now that look like gas masks). We use something called the “Protect Protocol”, set by the (IABDM) International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, which is equivalent to the SMART protocol from the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) designed to protect patients, team members and dentists from the mercury laden aerosols when amalgams are removed.

Our suction tips are not designed to collect this aerosol. You will notice that an elephant trunk will be position in front of your face designed to collect that aerosols, called The Dent Air Vac. Even the high suctions devices utilized by all hygienist/dentists are at risk. These aerosols are what carries toxic residues, bacteria and viruses into the air. You may notice when the hygienist is using a device that vibrates the calculus off your teeth or polish your teeth, an aerosol is created. Other dental services that create aerosols include: fillings, extractions, surgeries, impressions. This is what occurs doing modern dentistry. We have equipment that scrubs the air making it surgically clean quality and many of her other rooms are negative generating filters also cleaned the ear in the clinic. So if you hear fans going or allowed calm these filters are being used.

These same protocols protect us from pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. It means we protect the patient, our staff, doctors and the environment. Those of us that practice Biological Protocols and Guidelines are THE ONLY DENTAL OFFICES equipped to provide for the biological office this is just business as usual.
For us, since 1994.

In the past, Biological Dentists have been scoffed at as being over the top, but WE are the ones who are prepared for this COVID-19 crisis BECAUSE of these practices

We encourage the NEW standard of care in dentistry, and any office that wishes to see patients moving forward SHOULD use the standards that are PROTECT/SMART PROTOCOL already have in place.

Upon completion of your appointment, we encourage you to use the restroom, wash your hands, clean up and check out at the front desk afterwards.

Our highest priority is the safety of our patients, staff and friends. We appreciate you in the trust you have placed in our dental practice. Your cooperation is vital and making sure everyone is protected. For the safety of all, we will turn away any patients refusing to comply with these changes. There are businesses of service at these crucial times safety and health supersedes are conveniences.

For those who have suffered losses, we extend our condolences. Together with make this a healthier and safe world for all of us

Wishing you the best of health and prosperity,
The Staff of My Dentist

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