Health Observations Before and After Amalgam Removal

Fifty-two women and 23 men (i.e. approx. 4% of the patients treated by me in the last 4 years), mostly over 30 years old, complained of chronic symptoms such as migraine (36x), headache (32x), gastro-intestinal disturbances (27x), neck tension (25x), paraesthesia (19x), dizziness (18x), allergies (13x), vision disturbances (13x), back pain (12x), mental disorder (12x), joint pain (10x) and shoulder/arm pain (10x). After removing the amalgam, 68% of the patients believed their health had become “much better”, 12% “better”, 9% “somewhat better”, 7% had experienced “no improvement” whatsoever, and 1% “worsening”.

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