Mercury Removal

Mercury Removal

Mercury Filling Removal

Many of us have silver fillings filled with the toxic heavy metal, mercury. The EPA has designated this material hazardous waste material, so it’s no coincidence so many patients see overall health improvements with the removal of old mercury fillings. We take great care in removing this toxic material and replacing it with new natural looking nontoxic substances enhancing appearance and safety.

Toxicity from Dental Materials Used

Dental materials can release mercury, tin, copper, silver, nickel and zinc into the body. These metallic ions can then migrate from the tooth into the bones, connective tissues and nerves. From there, they can travel to the central nervous system, where they will reside, permanently disrupting the body’s normal functions. We remove silver mercury fillings and replace them with new, natural looking nontoxic material.

Key Benefits

Overall improved health, such as increased mental clarity from toxic materials removed.

Your teeth look natural rather than ugly silver fillings in your mouth. This can boost your self-image, confidence, and help you feel even better about yourself.

In the same way that some people have adverse reactions to prescription drugs, some people react negatively to specific dental materials. This bio-incompatibility can lead to severe allergic reactions and can contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic sinusitis, headaches and other pain syndromes. Changing the filling often relieves these dreadful symptoms.

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