Patient Instructions

Patient Instructions

Please review the information in this web site carefully and completely as instructed by the dental professional in our office. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough time to cover all the important information you need to know during your appointment, as there is a lot to understanding holistic dentistry as presented here. It is vital you take an active part in your dental health care. Our communication with you is crucial, and it is important you know as much about your care as possible. The more informed you can be about your care, the better.

To get the most out of your visit, come prepared with your specific questions. We will be happy to answer them at the consultation appointment.

While we know that other patients have responded positively to treatment, each patient is unique. There are no guarantees as to what effect the recommended treatment will have on the overall physical health of an individual patient.

Patients represent themselves for treatment of dental conditions and may seek a second opinion, as we want you here comfortable by your own free will.

Before you have services rendered, it is our policy to have patients standard papers authorizing us to perform needed procedures and treat conditions arise in the course of treatment. Sometimes, during the procedure, we discover additional problems that require treatment, that were unknown prior to putting together the treatment plan. If this is the case, patients authorize the additional services and agree to pay for them.

You may feel worse before you feel better. It is common for patients to have side effects (such as headaches) when their body is detoxifying.

You should follow all recommended pre and post -operative instructions.

You should eliminate any additional factors or habits that may be contributing to poor health.

You must make a total commitment to achieving better health.

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