Our Office

Our Office

We are located in sunny Mesa, Arizona, approximately 20 minutes from the Phoenix airport.

Our office offers a welcoming environment, featuring a double sided water wall in our foyer which provides soothing and relaxing sounds, which circulates beneficial negative Ions throughout the office. Our facility is powered by 200 Solar Panels. Clean air and pure water are also extremely important to us. We have an ecological and earth friendly office with top of the line air and water filtration systems for removal of chemicals, metals and toxins. Each room is also individually equipped with additional specialized air filtration units for safe removal of mercury vapors. We have extensive diagnostic equipment on premises, exceeding what is generally available in office.

Our patients’ optimal experience is foremost, and each patient room is very comfortable and unique in design. We even have a special restroom for chemically sensitive individuals. Extensive thought has gone into the details and all aspects of this office in order to create the most positive and harmonious patient experience, and eco friendly environment.

My Dentist is a team of dedicated dental professionals headed by internationally acclaimed speaker on Holistic Dentistry, Dr. Michael Margolis, and Dr. Stephen Kovar. Our office stresses the use of non-toxic restorative materials for dental work. We focus on the impact dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on overall health. We treat the teeth, jaws and related structures, with specific regard to the effect of treatment on the entire body.

Please browse around to learn more information on the services we provide and important background information on various aspects of Holistic Dentistry.

We welcome you to our practice.

Services provided by an Arizona licensed general dentist.

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