Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry

“Thinking outside the mouth”

Your overall health is of the utmost importance to us. Treating you holistically is our approach to dentistry, and this means looking at the body as a whole. Often symptoms somewhere else in the body can be linked to a problem in the mouth, and we look at the relationship between specific teeth and illness. Modern biological dentistry considers every procedure and material that is placed in your mouth. We use non toxic restorative materials and biocompatible materials which means that the dental materials used are compatible with the body as a whole. We also focus on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections that can impact the patients overall health and well being. We do not use mercury fillings, and remove toxic mercury and other materials under very strict protocols.

We address Oral Electrogalvanism resulting from multiple metals being used in the mouth and creates an electric current in the mouth and head. This highly charged electrical current interferes with the body’s natural electrical flow of energy and can cause irritability of the nervous system, headaches and other symptoms.

According to the American Health Association 90% of patients have some form of periodontal disease. We believe periodontal and other preventative treatments are equally as important as identifying and correcting pre-existing conditions.

Your teeth and their supporting structures play such an important part in your body’s health as does the impact of materials used in the mouth for restoration. Many sources of toxicity can come from your mouth and impact your health. Biological dentistry identifies and treats these sources of toxicity as well as the impact of missing teeth, root canals and other hidden conditions that can be harmful to your health.

While looking at the body as a whole, we also address these common issues…Pain Symptoms, Oral Systemic Balance of the Autonomic Nervous System: TMJ Management of patient’s airway, Snoring and Sleeping Disorders, Sleep Apnea.

Even with our cosmetic dentistry and restoration, the correct bite and optimal jaw alignment for the whole body is taken into account.

If needed we may also refer you to another healthcare professionals for supportive treatments such as blood analysis, acupuncture, colon therapy, body work, and other medical treatments.

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